MS Politics: Facts don’t support Cochran’s PAC allies attack ad.

Although the falsity of the common core allegation has already been established, let’s look at the supposed proof of Senator McDaniel’s vote that the ad cites. The ad cites HB1593 (2012) and HB1648 (2013). Both of these bills are large appropriations bills that fund the entirety of the State Department of Education. Out of the massive $2,038,760,575.00 2013 bill, a mere $94,082.00 was dedicated to “common core/ literacy.” It would stand to reason that the implementation of an entirely new school curriculum statewide would cost substantially more than $94,000. This literacy program the attack ad claims is proof of McDaniel’s vote for common core has been a feature of the school accreditation system for decades, as this Department of Education document details.