McDaniel supporters examine local voting records

Union County Circuit Clerk Phyllis Stanford said the McDaniel people found only four crossover votes among the 3,661 cast here, which she attributed to error rather than fraud. “We don’t have perfect elections but we have fair elections,” she said.

And Stanford said it is just as possible that the crossover voters cast their ballots for McDaniel as for Cochran. “With machine votes there is no way to tell,” she said.

Although the primaries and run-offs are technically held by the respective party executive committees, practicality dictates that Stanford’s office (since she is county registrar) and the county election commissioners do much of the actual election work because of their experience and expertise.

In the case of the Republican run-off, Stanford said she provided Democratic poll books to all the election workers June 24. As each voter came in, all the workers had to do was look in the poll book and see whether the person had indeed voted in the June 3 Democratic primary (whether the person had voted in the Republican primary was irrelevant since that would present no conflict).

The McDaniel people were looking for name changes, unusual marks or any possible anomalies but focusing largely on absentee and affidavit ballots to see if too many were witnessed by the same person, for instance.

New Albany Gazette