Republican Chris McDaniel leads incumbent for US Senate in Mississippi

“Polls show a close race two months before the June 3 Republican primary, and an army of Tea Party activists are canvassing Mississippi voters for McDaniel.

“[…] Mississippi seems an almost ideal state for a challenge such as McDaniel’s. It is a small state with only about 3 million people, a manageable landscape for an upstart campaign. It also is a hotbed of Tea Party activism: According to Gallup polling, only Wyoming is more conservative.

“[…] Democratic Party polling in February showed McDaniel at 44 percent and Cochran at 43 percent, bad news for the incumbent.”

The news comes on the heels of yesterday’s Rasmussen poll showing McDaniel’s healthy lead over putative Democratic nominee Travis Childers, and sets the stage for the GOP challenger most likely to unseat an incumbent and join the conservative caucus of Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz in the U.S. Senate.