How Donald Trump and Nigel Farage met in Mississippi

Farage, who hours before had witnessed the New York business mogul’s official presidential nomination by the Republican Party, wanted one last round of drinks at 4:30 a.m. in his hotel bar before retiring for the night.

He and an associate sat down at the bar and happened to strike up a conversation with Gov. Phil Bryant’s aide John Bartley Boykin, who was staying at the same hotel. Boykin, who accompanies Bryant to nearly every public or private function, suggested that the popular British politician visit Mississippi.

Farage, “amid the alcohol-fueled joviality” of Trump’s nomination, assumed the invitation would not come to fruition, Banks writes.

But the following day, a formal invitation from Bryant’s office was emailed to Farage’s staff.

Thus began what Banks calls “one of the most extraordinary political journeys in Farage’s long career of extraordinary political journeys.”

MS Today