Help Us Save the Filibuster

The Republican leadership in the US Senate is once again selling out tea party conservatives like you and me. Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has reached an agreement with Harry Reid (D-NV) on a plan to dramatically reduce the ability to debate and amend legislation in the Senate. The plan will do two things:

Shorten the time bills are actually debated to just 2 days
Eliminate all but 2 Republican amendments
Politicians in Washington are already too quick to pass new laws and too slow to read them and consider their consequences. America needs more debate in the Senate, not less.

The Reid-McConnell filibuster plan will eliminate the ability of senators to effectively debate legislation. It will make it much easier for liberals to rush through new laws that violate the Constitution and spend money we don’t have. It’s also a power grab that will take away the rights of Americans to be represented by their senators and give it to the two party leaders who will decide which bills are fast-tracked and which amendments are considered.

The Harry Reid filibuster plan is a direct attack on the liberties of all Americans and it must be defeated.

Contact Sen. Thad Cochran (202-224-5054) and Sen. Roger Wicker (202-224-6253) now. The plan could be voted on as early as tonight so this request is time sensitive. If Harry Reid is going to try to destroy the right to debate in the Senate, Republicans should oppose it. At least Senate conservatives should have a chance to fight it with a full and open debate and by proposing their own reforms. At the very least, Senate conservatives should be allowed to offer amendments to:

Require 72-hours notice before considering a bill;
Allow each senator to offer at least one amendment; and
Require 67 votes to end debate if the bill adds to the deficit.
Protecting the right to debate in the Senate is extremely important to the tea party conservative movement. We need to oppose any effort to weaken this right.

Call Sen. Thad Cochran (202-224-5054) and Sen. Roger Wicker (202-224-6253) now.

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