From the Mississippi Tea Party:

EXPOSING: Representative: Blaine “Bo” Eaton, II (Liberal Democrat)

Blaine “Bo” Eaton has been the District 79 Representative for the past sixteen years and has a demonstrated and proven record of liberalism on all issues he has addressed on the floor of the House of Representatives. Time after time he has been approached by his constituency with their opinions and desires concerning certain issues. Mr. Eaton has listened to them and then voted in direct opposition to what he has been told. Some of these major issues are Voter Photo ID, Obama Care and tax increases. He has consistently scored low on his voting record for pro-business in the state. Because of this, many of his constituents have lost confidence in Mr. Eaton’s desire to act in the District’s best interest as a Representative.

The fact that Mr. Eaton visits the local churches in and around his hometown of Taylorsville prior to election time panning for votes also finds disfavor with many of his acquaintances. They feel that churches are a place of reverence and a sanctuary set aside to worship God and not to be used as a place to beg for votes.

In the past, Mr. Eaton was a player in the beef processing plant scandal wherein the legislature backed the plant financing in Mississippi. When the bank loan defaulted, the taxpayer ended up with the bill. It was the Democratic House that passed the legislation backing the bank loan. Mr. Eaton, you were a part of that backing for the bank loan with your vote.

On the subject of photo ID and the possibility of adding a burden to folks 65 years old or older, they must have a photo ID or: they do not drive; they cannot identify themselves when they cash a check; many times a credit card requires a second photo ID; they cannot open a checking account; they cannot buy insurance, or a photo ID is needed for a myriad of other things in our society. Why is it a burden on them to have a photo ID to vote? There must be other reasons, Mr. Eaton!

For those small businesses that don’t have the choice of opting out of Obama Care, you might as well hand them a lock to put on their gates. A majority of them will not be able to stay in business and meet the requirements Obama Care imposes. Are you supporting this program Mr. Eaton, because it is primarily Democratic, because you don’t understand it or because you are anti-small business?

How many tax increases did you vote for in any one year, Mr. Eaton? Answer: all of them.

In reviewing your voting record in the House, it would appear you have a problem making up your mind about abortion. While it is true you voted against abortion, you also made exceptions for cases where it was okay. Either you support the law or you don’t. As Paul said, you cannot obey the law except for one part and not be counted guilty for disobedience of the entire law. There is no middle ground here. You are either for it or against it. Your voting record indicates you support abortion, Mr. Eaton. Children, from the moment of conception, are a blessing and heritage from the Lord.

Under the Democratic controlled House of Representatives, the state of Mississippi has seen an unprecedented increase in the number of welfare recipients since the days of Ronnie Musgrove. It is not that the quality of life in Mississippi has deteriorated as much as the desire for votes aimed at specific candidates and party affiliates that has led this trend. As a member of the controlling party for the last sixteen years in the House of Representatives, you, Mr. Eaton must carry your share of the blame for this atrocity also, whether directly or indirectly involved. At the very least, you should have engineered a process and tried to stop the practice.

From The MS Tea Party