Voter fraud is a BIG problem in our state. Election Commissioners can correct the problem by ensuring honest elections by removing dead or otherwise non-qualified voters from the rolls. We need Mississippi Tea Party patriots serving as Commissioners each of our counties.

Qualifying deadline is June 4.
You must have at least 50 signatures on the Registration form and the signatures must reside in your supervisory district of your county. Download the form from the Secretary of State’s website.
It costs you nothing

Questions or need assistance?

Contact Janis Lane, President of the Central MS Tea Party at 770-367-7888 or [email protected]

Or, contact Amanda Frusha with Delbert Hosemann’s Office, Elections Division, at 601-359-5213.

For more information about this and other elections issues, visit the Secretary of State’s website at and click on the elections tab.
Visit The Mississippi Tea Party at: