Folks, the Tea Party Movement is just three years old. We are a grass roots movement which means that we started with nothing but ourselves, passionate concerns, and a willingness to do what we had never done before. That meant that we also did not have any experience starting organizations, putting on rallies, or lobbying. But, in spite of all we did not have and in spite of many mistakes and missteps we have accomplished a lot right here in Mississippi. It’s time to take a look at what we have accomplished, with YOUR help. Here is a partial list:

Formed at least 20 grassroots Tea Parties throughout the state
Moved the House
Stopped state funding for Healthcare Exchanges
Passed the Voter ID ballot initiative
Passed the Eminent Domain initiative
Have a constant presence at the Legislature
Through Action Alerts focused citizen influence on a number of issues
Earned the respect and partnership of Governor Bryant
Earned Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann’s trust
Were invited participants in the S.O.S.’s working committee for implementation of the Voter ID law (we were 3 of 21 there)
Group meeting with the Governor on our legislative agenda
Group meeting with the Lt. Governor on our legislative agenda
Have a solid working relationship with the Speaker of the House
Important player in stopping Billy McCoy’s redistricting plan
WON in the Federal Redistricting Case (all the way to the Supreme Court)
Developing working relationships with some Democrat Legislators
Marshall Ramsey has done two cartoons on us
Staged Healthcare Forums around the state
Participated in Immigration Forums in the state
Held joint press conference on illegal immigration with the Governor and MFIRE
Formed coalitions with other groups on various issues
Bill board campaigns around the state
Formed a state wide Tea Party organization (Mississippi Tea Party)
Made citizens and politicians aware of Agenda 21 and its dangers.
Won many Delegate positions to county GOP Caucuses
Have Delegates to the GOP State Convention
Gave the citizens a vehicle to stay aware of critical issues in the state
Gave the citizens a vehicle to organize their voice and influence the state government
Have several websites where you can be informed and communicate with each other
Though first ignored, then scoffed at, and then attacked the Tea Party is now an recognized part of the political landscape and is making a difference.

Those are just some of the things that YOU have done. I say you because you are the Tea Party. And, because you are becoming more aware of what is going on and because you are participating more and more in our political process the Tea Party’s influence continues to grow. Stay involved, visit our site often, run for office and keep up the great work. Congratulations to you the Citizens of Mississippi.

Roy Nicholson

Chairman, Mississippi Tea Party