Davis future up in air

Wiseman said regardless of the current political outcome, Davis can be credited for steering Southaven to become the state’s third largest city.

“He has been a dynamic mayor,” Wiseman said. “He is a human being. He obviously can run a fast-growing city with confidence. Whether this will outweigh the conservative reality or not remains to be seen. All of this will take some sorting out.”

Wiseman said more troubling was the climate at Southaven city hall which apparently allowed the spending practices of Davis to go unchecked.

“Southaven was a city where officials would brag their city meetings lasted only about fifteen minutes,” Wiseman said. “If I were a voter, I would, in the order of things, want the processes of city government leveled out and sorted out. The big question is he capable of running the city? I have a tremendous amount of respect for his capabilities.”

Wiseman recalled the days when Davis served the district as a state representative. Davis got along easily with members from both sides of the political aisle, according to Wiseman.

“For years, Greg was thought of more as a Democrat than a Republican,” Wiseman said. “He could get along well with Democrats as well as Republicans.”

Wiseman said if Davis remains in his office, he will break new political ground. If Davis resigns, he will leave a legacy which includes Snowden Grove, one of the premiere youth sports complexes in the nation.

“I’m hoping he will be given a year and a half chance to right the ship and the public will give him an evaluation,” Wiseman said.

Desoto Times