MSU still on top

Sometimes it seems as though only a matter of time before a prospect commits to a school. One prospect that has seemed to be on the edge of committing to Mississippi State for a few weeks now is Fulton, Miss. (Itawamba Ag) star William Shumpert. Where is he at now?
“Man, I’m not going to lie,” Shumpert said. “There is a chance I could commit to Mississippi State soon. I pretty much know that’s where I want to go, I just haven’t been ready to go ahead and get it over with and do it. It’s just a matter of not wanting to go back on a commitment and look around when I commit so I have to make sure I am 100-percent.”
The 6-foot-0, 238-pound Shumpert has been to Starkville a number of times and feels an extreme comfort level.
“Every time I go over there it feels like home,” Shumpert said. “I feel comfortable and I like I fit in over there. I can tell the coaches really care about me. They ask a lot more questions about how I’m doing personally or academically instead of just talking football all the time. I like that, it shows me I can trust them.”