MSU:Croom hopes 2007’s lessons will carry over

STARKVILLE – Sylvester Croom is no different from your typical football fan: He’s itching for opening kickoff.
His Bulldogs feel the same way. With the success of 2007 still a fresh memory, the feeling here is almost one of impatience.
“I think they’re about tired of listening to me,” Croom said at Tuesday’s news conference. “In fact, they haven’t had to listen to me very much lately because I haven’t had a whole lot to say.
“To be very honest with you, there’ s not a whole lot to say now; we just need to play a game and find out exactly where we are.”
They’ll have to wait until Saturday evening, when the Bulldogs open the season at Louisiana Tech.
Croom said he is eager to see how last year will carry over to this year.
“This game’s not so much about the opponent as us doing what we do and doing it well – doing it with a lot of discipline, a lot of detail and maintain the identity we’ve set for our program,” he said. “Not making mistakes to beat ourselves, playing fast, playing physical, and playing the entire game, finishing out every play and of course finishing out the game.”