Roger Wicker’s Beef Plant Dirty Tricks and a Great Video

The Attacks

Throughout this campaign, Roger Wicker and his allies have launched false personal attacks at Governor Musgrove. They’ve tried to confuse voters by misrepresenting the facts regarding the Beef Processing Plant.

But the last remaining defendant has made a plea and we have resolution. And there’s no dirty political trick Roger Wicker can use to change these facts. You can get more details here in the Daily Journal or here in the Clarion Ledger.

The Facts

The plea agreements clearly lay out Robert Moultrie and Nixon Cawood’s intentions when they made a campaign contribution. There is nothing in any court documents that shows Governor Musgrove’s knowledge of those intentions, or involvement, in any way.

A Clarion Ledger editorial proclaimed that “under federal and state law, Musgrove violated no laws in accepting those donations….”

A Daily Journal column pointed out that there’s not even a “contention” of a quid pro quo.

One political observer even quipped: “If this is all there is…it’s kind of like the country song ‘I Shaved My Legs for This?'”

The truth is, as the Daily Journal put it: “Nowhere in their earlier indictments and their new pleas does it suggest Musgrove knew the money was obtained illegally.”

The Video

We expect Roger Wicker to continue to play politics as usual, and at its worst. But nothing he says will change the facts. And so far he’s had trouble with the truth: A must watch video:

Governor Musgrove has been receiving a tremendous response from voters across Mississippi who know it is time to change a broken system in Washington. To learn more about Governor Musgrove and the campaign visit

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