The Clarion-Ledger Editorial, 10/22/8

After watching television for the last few months, I no longer recognize the politicians formerly known as Ronnie Musgrove and Roger Wicker.

The two men I knew each had strengths and weaknesses. Both of them had enjoyed successes and failures. They had been friends, close enough at one time back when they were in the state Senate together that they were roommates.

But after the Musgrove and Wicker campaigns – and particularly after the Democratic and Republican senatorial campaign committees and the third-party special interests got through running week after week of some of the sleaziest political ads ever seen in Mississippi – both of these candidates are virtually unrecognizable.

As voters, what we are left with are virtual caricatures of two men who have spent most of their adult lives in some form of public service. Or more to the point, we are left with virtual caricatures that these commercials have left us about the candidates.