The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 10/30/8

Democratic senatorial candidate Ronnie Musgrove held a roundtable discussion with Northeast Mississippians here Wednesday, telling them he’ll fight for their jobs if elected next week.

Musgrove spent a half-hour with a small group at Wheeler & Franks law firm downtown, taking questions from each person and explaining why he’s the better choice for state senator.

When asked about the stability of the country’s Social Security Trust Fund, Musgrove told retired worker Ginger Pride that “Social Security is sound through 2041, and it had a surplus until Roger Wicker and his colleagues raided every penny of it.”

Musgrove faces Wicker in the general election Tuesday and took several opportunities to attack the Republican incumbent during the meeting. He said Wicker continues to support President Bush’s “bad economic policies,” failed to regulate Wall Street before the current financial crisis and fights on behalf of special interests rather than for his constituents.

Wicker had been in Tupelo on Tuesday for a hometown rally that drew about 100 people and spent Wednesday campaigning throughout south and central Mississippi.