My 64-second NCAA picks

Something disturbing happened last year when I did my annual “Pick the NCAA tournament in 64 seconds” thing. I actually got some picks right. I picked North Carolina to beat Michigan State in the final, and that’s what happened. This led numerous people to make the remarkably absurd assumption that I actually know something about college basketball or making picks. I will simply say that this year’s picks should clear up that misunderstanding.

The idea remains the same: I pick the 63 NCAA Tournament games in 64 seconds. The reason? Well, for one thing, I believe in Malcolm Gladwell’s concept of Blink — it’s better in situations like this to go with your instinct. Two, more importantly, doing the whole thing in 64 seconds frees me up to finish the most intense breakdown you will ever see of the 2009 season. No, seriously, I’ve been working on this thing for two days. It’s intense.