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There is no doubt that over the past decade or so the SEC has vaulted itself to the most powerful and prestigious football league in the nation. Coaching positions in the SEC have become the best in the business, with some of the highest salaries among coaches in any sport, at any level.

SEC schools are some of the only schools in the country whose athletic departments actually MAKE money. Most Division I athletic departments act like financial vacuums, but not the SEC schools.
Recruiting battles, across the conference, are actually extremely interesting. The argument could probably be made that college football has become a year round sport because of the SEC. Even Pete Carroll cannot compete against the likes of Les Miles, Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and Lane Kiffin in making recruiting headlines.

With the SEC’s TV deal with ESPN and CBS, the SEC has become, perhaps, the most visible league in the nation. Almost every game is broadcast across the nation, at no extra cost, into millions of households.

These developments make the officiating gaffs of the last six weeks all the more dangerous for the SEC and its Commissioner. As I have previously discussed, I think that Mike Slive has done a very poor job of handling this officiating crisis. He began to threaten coaches far too late for those threats to keep a lid on the problem. Now the proverbial cat has been let out of the bag, and even real writers are starting to buy into a SEC conspiracy to get Florida and Alabama in the title game.

The Patrick Peterson Interception call was just simply the latest in a litany of bad calls by SEC officials, and at least the second botched call coming out of the replay booth. What makes this all the worse is that almost all of those calls have come out in favor of the favored teams- Alabama and Florida. The SEC office, after all, is in Birmingham. The combination of all these factors has created a PR nightmare for the SEC, and one that I don’t think it will be able to control. Most importantly, short of firing all SEC officials and hiring full time employees from outside of this geographical region, I don’t think any changes on the field are going to be sufficient. Sometimes the leadership has to go. Mike Slive needs to recognize that, while he has been an invaluable asset to the league, he is of little use at this point.

Other Thoughts on the Subject:

Conspiracy Theorists. . .

SEC Officials losing Credibility

That last one is ABSURD.

I don’t mean any of this to be sour grapes. Alabama has a great team, and they played a great game. Ingram is a beast. I think Alabama beats Florida this year, at least I hope s. I cannot stomach Tim Tebow winning another Heisman and another championship.Roll Tide

More Thoughts. . .

I hope TCU wins out and Texas drops a game, just because I would love to see TCU – Alabama in the BCSNCG. I could get excited about that game.

I fell asleep for half of the Saints game, after watching Carolina blow them up in the first half. I found a nice surprise when the Saints had tied it up, and then finished with a huge fourth quarter. I was very pleased; it helped me get over Saturday night.

I suggest those of you on Facebook join this group: If 50,000 people join, this guy claims he will tackle Jevan Snead during the State – Ole Miss game. I am skeptical, but wouldn’t it be awesome to watch?