NAACP files Motions to Amend Judgment in redistricting case

. . . plaintiffs respectfully request the Court to amend and alter the Memorandum Opinion and Order by declaring the present apportionment scheme to be unconstitutionally malapportioned based on the 2010 census and ordering use the 2011Senate plan and 2011 House Consensus 2 plan as interim remedies for the 2011 legislative elections,extend the candidate qualification deadline until June 15, 2011. As a last resort, if the Court elects not to implement the 2011 legislative plans but still defer to the Legislature to remedy the malapportionment and allow elections to proceed under the 2011 plan, then plaintiffs request the Court to give the Legislature until January 6, 2012 to remedy the malapportionment and schedule elections to coincide with the 2012 primary and general election schedule.