Good news! The House of Representatives just amended the charter school bill to close the for-profit loophole. The amendment passed on a voice vote at the beginning of debate on the bill. This step is a result of your conversations with legislators. Thank you!

The House continues this afternoon to debate the overall bill. Watch that debate live here. Closing the for-profit loophole solves the vast majority of concerns we had with this bill, and so The Parents’ Campaign supports HB 369 in its current form.

Please contact your representative immediately, either through the Capitol switchboard or by text if you have his or her cell number, and:

1. Thank him or her for passing the amendment

2. Ask your representative to support HB 369 in its current form

Watch for a report on the final result of the House charter debate, along with information on likely next steps for the bill. To receive our text alerts about significant developments on legislation, please reply to this email with your name and cell phone number.

Thanks so much for your wonderful work on the charter school bill. We are close to getting a bill that can provide good charter schools for our children who need them – those trapped in chronically underperforming schools.

I’ll be in touch soon,