Jere Nash with the Red/Blue Blog over at the Clarion Ledger posted the following regarding potential Senate Committee chairmanships:

“We know who will preside over the Senate next year. And we know who the returning Republican senators will be next year (except for Buck Clarke and Giles Ward). In other words, we know those GOP senators who have enough seniority to chair major committees. So, here’s what one hears about committee possibilities:

President pro-tempore — looks like a campaign between Terry Brown and Videt Carmichael.

Appropriations — if not Merle Flowers, then Dean Kirby.

Finance — if not Kirby, then Flowers or Joey Fillingane

Public Health — if Tate Reeves decides against reappointing Democratic Hob Bryan to this post, then either Flowers or Chris McDaniel or Briggs Hopson

Judiciary A — if not Fillingane, then Hopson

Education — if not McDaniel, then Michael Watson

Transportation — if not Billy Hudson, then Perry Lee or Tommy Gollott

Elections/Reapportionment — this is the biggie. Except for the uncertainty of Clarke, only Terry Burton, the chair, is returning to the Senate. The other four Republican members are not coming back. The close friends of Reeves in the Senate constitute a small group, and it becomes even smaller when one considers the ability to chair a major committee. We’ll see.”

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