Will This Be a Tough Year To Be a Mississippi Democrat?

Today is the filing deadline for federal candidates in Mississippi. Neither Senate seat is up, and it may surprise you to learn that three of the four U.S. House seats are currently held by Democrats.

In the First District, Democrat Travis Childers managed to win 54 percent of the vote in a district where John McCain won 62 percent. He’s not quite a freshman Democrat; he won a May 2008 special election before winning a full term in November. He’ll face either Angela McGlowan, well known for her appearances on Fox News, or State Sen. Alan Nunnellee, who is showing healthy fund-raising, or lawyer Henry Ross.

In the Second District, Democrat Bennie Thompson is in his eighth term, representing where 65 percent of registered voters are African-American. Republican Richard Cook faces an uphill climb in a district where Obama carried 66 percent of the vote; another Republican with the perfectly cinematic name of George Bailey is running. (Perhaps he should be running for the seat that represents Bedford Falls, Pa.)

National Review