Is there better use of time for our legislators?

“Federal law, schmederal law,” she might say. “The federal government can’t make me do

“If I want to shoot a bald eagle with an assault rifle, throw it in the back of my untaxed truck and
drive it back to my house, no one can stop me.”

Of course I’m being a bit facetious, but the baseless suggestion that a seemingly harmless state
government practice simply be chunked without providing a good reason just doesn’t fly well.
It seems like some of our legislators simply dream up bills without thinking through the potential

I still contend the best thing Mississippi’s Legislature could do is simply approve budgets two years
at a time and not meet each year.

Perhaps then the silliness of some of these proposed laws would go away. Or, at the least, we’d
only be forced to hear about them — and realize we’re paying lawmakers good money to create
such nonsense — a little less often.

Natchez Democrat