Senate race still unresolved

Dearing, D­Natchez, now has 3,700 votes in Adams County, ahead of the incumbent Sen. Melanie Sojourner, R­ Natchez, who has 1,770 votes in the county.

The ballots tallied by the resolution board were absentee votes that were rejected by the optical scanning machine. The machine accepted approximately 200 ballots, but Election Commissioner Larry Gardner said Monday the results wouldn’t upload to the state server and he had to travel to Jackson for some elements to be inspected.

With the ballots from the Adams County resolution board counted, Sojourner has 8,068 votes while Dearing has 8,026 throughout District 37. But those who observed optical scanning said Dearing also received 150 votes in those ballots, and Sojourner received 55.

If those numbers hold true, Dearing would hold the lead with 8,176 votes to Sojourner’s 8,123.

Natchez Democrat