DLCC Demands Mississippi Republicans Honor Election Results

GOP Lawmakers Could Ignore Law, Disenfranchise Thousands of Voters

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post called on Republicans in the Mississippi legislature to uphold the results of November’s elections in House District 79 and Senate District 37. The HD 79 race resulted in a tie, and in accordance with state law, the candidates drew straws to determine the winner. Democratic Rep. Bo Eaton won the draw, but his GOP opponent claimed the final vote tally was incorrect and is appealing the draw to the Republican-controlled state House. In SD 37, the incumbent Republican lost to Democrat Bob Dearing by 64 votes. The GOP Senator is taking her claims of “irregularities” to the Republican-controlled state Senate when the legislature convenes today.

“Mississippi voters and Mississippi state law delivered clear results in November’s elections, and Republicans in the legislature should place their state’s citizens and laws above their own partisan interests,” said Post. “If GOP lawmakers overturn the outcomes of the elections in House District 79 and Senate District 37, thousands of voters will be disenfranchised, and the fair administration of Mississippi’s elections henceforth could be in doubt.

“Mississippi’s Republican legislators must honor the outcomes of these elections,” continued Post. “Failure to do so indicates a disregard for basic electoral fairness. Mississippians deserve better.”