Key Field execs respond to Bryant’s order authorizing state guard to arm personnel

Lt. Col. Brad Crawford, executive officer of the Mississippi Air National Guard 186th Air Refueling Wing, said he doesn’t expect any significant changes locally.

“We don’t expect it to change here at Key Field because all of our recruiters are already on base, behind gates; and always have been,” Crawford said. “What you are seeing on the news are storefront offices, and ours are behind gates protected by our armed security forces at the gates.”

Crawford said it’s too early to say what other changes will take place regarding arming full-time personnel at military facilities throughout the state.

“I don’t have any of the guidance yet, but what Gov, Bryant did was give the authority to the adjutant general of the National Guard to look into what needs to be done,” Crawford said. “It takes some time to figure out what the changes will be. But the main thing is the safety of the recruiters, and that is not an issue for us.”

Meridian Star