Mississippi Governor Signs Daily Fantasy Sports Bill Passed by Legislature

In a somewhat surprising move, the 2016 Mississippi Legislature approved a bill legalizing daily fantasy sports in the state. On May 12, 2016, Governor Phil Bryant signed the legislation with the bill becoming law effective from and after its passage. Click here for the legislation as adopted.

The legislation was introduced after Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood’s office on January 29, 2016, opined that DFS were illegal in Mississippi.

Prospects looked somewhat dicey for the bill when the Mississippi House and Senate adopted different versions of the legislation. The House of Representatives added a lottery amendment to the bill, making its adoption more perilous. Once the bill reached conference between the two houses, a compromise bill emerged (without a lottery) which was successfully adopted and sent to the Governor.

As approved, the bill permits daily fantasy sports companies to operate in the state until July 1, 2017, when the law stands repealed.

National Law Review