NCAA proposes rules change on taunting

INDIANAPOLIS — The NCAA wants to get tough on taunting and make it more difficult for football players with concussions to try to tough it out.
Both proposals were announced Thursday by the Football Rules Committee and must now be approved by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel.
If passed, players who draw flags for taunting gestures on their way to a touchdown would have the penalty assessed from the spot of the foul, taking away the score. Penalties that occur in the end zone would continue to be assessed on the extra-point attempt, 2-point conversion try or ensuing kickoff.
The change would take effect in 2011 and on the NCAA’s web site, a release said the proposal received near-unanimous support.
“Taunting and prolonged individual acts have no place in our game, and our officials have generally handled these rules well,” said former Oregon coach Mike Bellotti, the committee chair. “This is just another step in maintaining our game’s image and reflecting the ideals of the NCAA overall.”