NCAA trouble for Tennessee

The New York Times is reporting that the NCAA is conducting a wide-ranging investigation into Tennessee’s recruiting practices, including the Vols’ use of recruiting hostesses.

In one case, it’s reported that Tennessee hostesses traveled to a high school football game in Duncan, S.C., in September to see prospects. Two players at that school, Brandon Willis and Corey Miller, have committed to the Vols.

One thing to keep in mind about hostesses is that it’s a school’s responsibility to educate them about NCAA rules, and certainly traveling away from campus to see any prospect is a huge no-no. This is an area that the NCAA has really cracked down on in recent years.

The other thing to keep in mind here is that the Vols have already incurred several secondary violations on Lane Kiffin’s watch, and most of those were related to recruiting. Remember, too, that he was pretty nonchalant at the time about the seriousness of secondary violations.

Now, in a little more than a year’s time since Kiffin took the job, it looks like he’s staring down the barrel of full-scale NCAA investigation into his program.

Never a dull moment on Rocky Top.