Ndamukong Suh Might Actually Win That One Award

Heisman votes continue to roll in and as they’re announced StiffArmTrophy.com compiles them and projects a winner based on a complicated system that’s been pretty darn accurate over the past seven years. This year it’s in for a test, though, as the conference championship games reconfigured everyone’s ballots and knocked the quarterbacks out of the running.

Surprisingly, Nebraska terror beast Ndamukong Suh is currently leading with about 10% of the ballots accounted for:

name first second third ballots points Projected Proj%
M Ingram 33 43 26 102 211 1151 41.4%
T Gerhart 35 33 27 95 198 1104 39.7%
N Suh 53 21 22 96 223 1034 37.2%
C McCoy 22 29 30 81 154 869 31.3%
T Tebow 9 7 16 32 57 338 12.2%

The lead isn’t by much and the complicated but accurate projection system has him slipping behind the two tailbacks by the time it’s all over. Still, it’s unusually aware of the Heisman to even have Suh in contention. I guess all it takes are 4.5 sacks in a nationally televised conference championship game in which you are competitive despite the offense not scoring a touchdown. Defensive tackles should note this for future campaigns.

Suh is hurt by all the dips in his region voting for McCoy despite the clear indication who was a more impactful player this last weekend. Oh, and this guy who voted before the championship games:

Just cast my Heisman Trophy ballot, and voted for Texas’ Colt McCoy, Florida’s Tim Tebow and Stanford’s Toby Gerhart, in that order.

Good work, dude. All the regret in the world won’t change your vote, which is one of about 10 percent that was turned in before Suh finished his reign of destruction against McCoy and Texas. Is there any plausible explanation for doing this? Voting is now done “electronically”—ie, email exists—so folks from the Long Beach Press Telegram don’t have to risk having their vote lost by the Pony Express. Chances are you can risk the wait.

If Suh loses narrowly because a big chunk of the voters didn’t bother to wait for all the information to come in, the Heisman committee should issue him the addresses of everyone who voted before Dec. 5 so visit each befuddled journalist to explain that his name means “House of Spears” and that they are about to find out how apt that is. Ask Colt McCoy how fun that will be.