nems360 – Ross and McGlowan back Social Security choices, Nunnelee still mum

How to shore up the Social Security system likely will be a hot campaign issue as three Republicans vie to be their party’s nominee for the 1st District U.S. House seat in June.

For now, two candidates – Angela McGlowan and Henry Ross – have specific ideas on what they would support as a member of Congress, while Alan Nunnelee isn’t making any details public yet.

McGlowan, Nunnelee and Ross will be on the June 1 ballot, seeking to face off against incumbent Rep. Travis Childers, D-Booneville, and seven non-mainstream party nominees and independents in November.

Last week, the Daily Journal asked the three Republicans for their campaign stands on the challenges facing Social Security, which is widely acknowledged to need financial repairs as the Baby Boom population enters retirement age.

Daily Journal