DJ – In Tupleo, health care debate heated

The U.S. needs to reform its health care system, but the plan put forth by President Barack Obama is not the right one.

That was the theme voiced by every speaker Thursday night at Good News Church in Tupelo where about 200 gathered for a forum on what’s been called negatively “Obama Care.”

The evening started with emotionally charged speeches that wove together Christian beliefs and political convictions.

Les Riley, a representative with the pro-life organization Personhood Mississippi, decried the legislation known officially as H.R. 3200 as “messianic stateism,” explaining that the government means to become the savior of U.S. citizens.

Tupelo dentist Ed Holliday described universal health care and its proposed $1 trillion price tag as “the pit of hell waiting to explode into the American economy.”

Not all the presentations were as heated, however.

As past president of the Mississippi Medical Association, Dr. J. Patrick Barrett sat in on some of the meetings when Obama first presented his idea to the medical community.

Barrett, an orthopedic surgeon from McComb expressed his belief that the American Medical Association has been “fooled” into supporting part of the legislation, adding that the AMA House of Delegates, of which he is a member, certainly does not support it.

NEMS Daily Journal