Reeves’ ‘Tea Party’ jabs hit at Bryant

Before the dust had settled – or in this case the muddy red clay – at this year’s rainy version of Neshoba County Fair political speaking – the Tea Parties had come up again.

This time it was a Republican using them to criticize members of his own party.

It was not lost on political observers that Treasurer Tate Reeves used much of his speech to criticize the budget passed by the Legislature and the tax increases that helped to fund the budget.

In criticizing Republicans, Reeves said, “Even today, we still have some officials railing against taxes and spending at Tea Parties and then turning around and supporting higher taxes and spending when they think no one is looking. To those, I say, you can’t have it both ways.”

For many, the Neshoba County Fair political speakings provide an opportunity to detect by often-subtle signals which politician is running for which office. Some make it easy, like Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney, who announced at the fair he would be seeking re-election.

With state elections still two years away, others were not as direct. But many political observers read Reeves’ Tea Party comments as a direct shot across the bow, informing everyone that he is not going to concede the Republican gubernatorial nomination to Bryant.

The lieutenant governor has long been considered a front-runner for the seat since Republican Gov. Haley Barbour cannot seek re-election.

NE MS Daily Journal