WILLIAMS/A McDaniel supporter, Neshoba GOP chair says end the charade

The continuation of Chris McDaniel’s struggle for a U.S. senate seat has become a huge embarrassment for the Republican Party.

The exercise that played out at the Neshoba County Courthouse on Monday and Tuesday OF last week was a huge waste of the time of Neshoba County officials.

During the campaign, as the county Chairman, I was afforded the luxury of maintaining a position of neutrality on the race. In the privacy of the voting booth, after some indecision, I voted for McDaniel. Both times. He had been critical of Senator Cochran on some issues in which I was in agreement.

At this point, Mr. McDaniel can only be a source of mischief by continuing on the course that he is following. For the good of the party, of Mississippi, and certainly for the good of the nation, he needs to stop the charade.

– Mitch Williams is Neshoba County Republican Party Chairman

Neshoba Democrat