End the McDaniel kook-fest

Chasing away traditional Democrats is wrong and morally corrupt. Liberty is about the freedom to choose.

We still can’t get over the hypocrisy of the McDaniel camp. It’s more like selective liberty and selective memory.

For example, Pat Bruce, chairman of the Madison County Conservative Coalition (formerly the Madison County Tea Party) is a former Democrat, having worked on the campaign of Democrat Sen. John C. Stennis in the 1970s.

She apparently saw the light. Why couldn’t traditional Democrats Tuesday?

Mr. McDaniel can relate to seeing the light. He voted in the Democratic primary in 2003, presumably for Ronnie Musgrove and not for Haley Barbour.

Should McDaniel and Bruce be disqualified because they fail the purity test? Of course not.

Brighter days lie ahead for Mississippi and for our great Republic if we can all work together.

But, THE SHOUTING MUST STOP! Let the dialogue begin.

Yet more than a week after the election, nerves still haven’t settled, Mr. McDaniel is nowhere near opening a dialogue and he’s masquerading as the nominee when he lost the election by 7,000 votes in a continuing kook-fest that includes a write-in campaign.

Gov. Phil Bryant and Mississippi GOP Chairman Joe Nosef have the power to end this. The vacuum created by the party apparatus not closing ranks and enforcing very basic management rules is being filled by the insane, lunatic fringe spewing the most vile comments and bizarre conspiracy theories ever seen in modern Mississippi politics.

The situation is completely out of control. For the sake and dignity of our beloved Mississippi and our Republic, end this nightmare swiftly.

Neshoba Democrat Editorial