Neshoba Democrat Editorital / Hood’s corporate conspiracy

A number of corporations have given the maximum allowed to Hood, and have given tens of thousands more to DAGA who has then given to Hood as well. Corporate dollars beyond the legal limit are winding up in Hood’s campaign.

Now, this isn’t illegal nor is it a phenomenon exclusive to Hood. Republicans have also benefited from this scenario, with groups funded by corporate dollars like the Republican Governors Association, giving major campaign contributions in the past.

But what sets Hood apart is his hypocrisy on the issue. When Republican candidates have taken money from groups funded by corporate dollars, Hood has equated that to money laundering.

Hood has argued for campaign finance reform to address these issues in the past. But as a major beneficiary of the abuse, he doesn’t advocate from a position of moral authority, instead.

Hood’s argument is “do what I say, not as I do.”

Neshoba Democrat