EDITORIAL/Mike Hurst for Attorney General

The New York Times reported in March: “In no place has the contingency-fee practice flourished more than in Mississippi, where lawyers hired by Attorney General Jim Hood, a Democrat, have collected $57.5 million in fees during the last two years…Mr. Hood has taken in $395,000 in campaign contributions from trial law firms over the last decade, more than any other attorney general.

“In one case, a senior partner at the Houston-based firm Bailey Peavy Bailey donated $125,000 to Mr. Hood after the firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of the state against Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical company, litigation that in 2010 generated a $3.7 million payment to the outside lawyers.”

Mike Hurst is above such fraud or even appearances of impropriety. He has proven he’s committed to fighting real corruption in Mississippi without fear or favor.

On Nov. 3, vote Mike Hurst for Attorney General.

Neshoba Democrat