EDITORIALS/Trump for President

No matter who is elected president — Trump may actually have a chance as the Democrats unravel — reasonable people are going to have to pick up the pieces amid the shouts of a “rigged” election or “the Russians hacked me.”

Given her liberal ideology, flawed policies and heavy political baggage, — think 30K bleached emails — we could never endorse Clinton, not even for dog catcher.

A third party vote is a waste, except on the very slim chance it throws the election to the House of Representatives.

So, we recommend a vote for Donald Trump on Nov. 8, the sane Donald, the leader who’d focus on the big issues of the day, not the narcissistic candidate responding at every turn with Twitter rants. America needs a firm, stable, moral and honest leader to offer hope, realizing that our real hope is in the Lord.

So Lord, help us.

Neshoba Democrat