Mississippi budget writers are stuck.

And because of it, the price of your car tags could go up significantly on July 1.

But lawmakers can prevent higher car tag fees by closing unfair loopholes right now.

One loophole allows certain smokeless tobacco brands to be taxed at a fraction of what other brands pay.

Another loophole allows some cigarette manufacturers, including some foreign companies, to pay the state almost fifty cents less revenue per pack than paid by other cigarette companies.

These unfair loopholes shortchange Mississippians by more than 27 million dollars.

That’s money our budget writers desperately need — money that could keep your car tags from becoming more expensive in July.

If you want companies to pay their fair share, call your state legislator today.

Call 1-866-7-ACT-NOW.

Tell them to close loopholes, not raise the cost of your car tags.

That’s 1-866-7-ACT-NOW.

Paid for by Altria Client Services on behalf of Philip Morris USA and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company.