State treasurer mistaken in picking mayor out

Of course public money should be spent responsibly, but there is nothing wrong with funding special projects – as long as the money is fairly spread around the state over time. We get some this year; somebody else gets it next year.

While Tanglefoot Trail is operating quite successfully as it is, New Albany’s sections can add even more value by providing a parking lot (and welcome center) that matches the quality of the trail project.

Yes, it will primarily help New Albany, but providing better amenities for out-of-state visitors will also help provide a positive impression of the state as a whole and leave them much more likely to return – and tell their friends about their experience.

We have had no quarrel with treasurer Fitch in the past but she was wrong to pick on Mayor Kent and that $100,000 can indeed provide 20 years’ worth of benefit.

New Albany Gazette Editorial