FoFo riffs on Phil, MSGOP

New Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich — a Republican, mind you — poked a little fun at Gov. Phil Bryant, Lt. Gov Tate Reeves and the state’s GOP chairman, all of whom had endorsed his opponent, in his first speech since taking office after his May 12 election….

…But he appears to be a pretty good sport about it, and has a sense of humor. In a speech to the Harrison County Republican Club on Wednesday, Gilich had a little fun with his intro:

Good afternoon, my fellow Demo— Republicans. Thank you for inviting me today.
I’m here to assure you that rumors of my party affiliation have been greatly exaggerated. And just to satisfy any lingering doubters let me say this:
“I pledge allegiance,
“To the Republican Party,
“And to the Republicans for whom it stands,
“One state, under Phil
“Occasionally divisible
“With endorsements not available to all.”
I hope all of you appreciate my sense of humor, because if you’re going to run for public office, you better have one.