New Coaches, New Leaders

I wrote a piece this past weekend on the challenges facing new NFL coach Jim Zorn as he tries to fit the players into his scheme and change the dynamics of the offense. Zorn is taking over for legendary coach, Joe Gibbs in Washington and will face many struggles as he attempts to change the structure of the organization and the offense. The Dallas Morning News had a great column about former Southern Methodist soccer coach, Schellas Hyndman. He was lured away from the school where he’d been incredibly successful for more than two decades, his teams challenging for a national championship every year to take over the FC Dallas. He explains in detail the challenges I was trying to present that face Zorn and all the new coaches/leaders in the NFL. Hyndman breaks them down into four specific categories:

The Formation stage: Players and coaches are typically comfortable in this stage, though it only lasts for a practice or two. Everyone buys into the theory of what is happening and what is expected.