New contract won’t keep Saban longer, but continued total control just might

Did you catch the mistake? It’s right there in the opening paragraph of the Saturday press release from Alabama.
This is what it said:

“University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban has signed an extension to his original contract that will keep him in charge of the Crimson Tide football program through the 2017 season.
Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but, uh, no.
That extension will not keep Saban in Tuscaloosa for three more seasons beyond the six remaining on his original deal. It won’t keep him there for nine more months.
No piece of paper will keep Saban on the job any longer than he wants to stay on the job. That’s the nature of contracts, especially ones like Saban’s, with no buyout on the coach’s end.
If there’s a reason for Alabama fans to feel a renewed enthusiasm at the prospect of a longer reign, it’s the nature of the relationship between their coach and their school.