Tonight on the Reelz channel, lookout for Injustice. Injustice focuses on downed tort barons like Dickie Scruggs, Bill Lerach and Mel Weiss and will feature players from all sides of the Scruggs scandal in Mississippi.

InJustice Trailer #3 from injustice on Vimeo.

Anita Lee did an article last week outlining the film. I didn’t see final cut, but the long cut was amazing and featured Mississippians . . .

Jerry Mitchell
Curtis Wilkie
Alan Lange
Tom Dawson
Tom Freeland
Johnny Jones
Charlie Merkel
Fred Krutz
Danny Mulholland
Bobby Bailess

If you get DirecTV, Dish or ATT U-verse, you should get it. 10:00 ET. I promise, it’s worth the watch.