Southaven mayor Greg Davis pals profited off city

One of the three city sales negotiated by Davis put $45,000 in Roberts’ pocket for a single day’s work. Records show the city paid $370,000 in March 2010 to Roberts’ firm, RH Holdings, for land he’d bought the same day for $325,000.

“It stinks,” said landowner Jimmy L. Dodson, who sold the land to Roberts.

Dodson first learned from a reporter last week that Roberts turned around and sold his 20 acres along Swinnea Road to the city.

Dodson said he also had no idea the city was eyeing his land for a large drainage project to ease flooding.

In addition to the land sales totaling $3.4 million, Roberts received $116,510 from the city between 2002 and 2010 through an apparent leasing arrangement that city officials found difficult to explain.

“I don’t have any documentation on that,” said CAO Chris Wilson. “One guy (the mayor) was doing these deals,” he said, referring questions to Davis.

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