A motion filed by attorneys representing The Facility Group is asking a judge to remove grand jury testimony referenced in a previous filing in that case.

Moreover, the defendants who are charged in this
case are entitled to a fair trial and one which is not unduly influenced by pretrial publicity
attendant to the disclosure of matters occurring before the grand jury in a public filing such as
these pleadings filed by the government attorneys. Not surprisingly, one of the blogs following
this case already has picked up and broadcast for anyone to read “more about which TFG
employee will be singing on the stand and what he already told the grand jury. . . .” See
http://www.slabbed.wordpress.com (“Give Us This Day Our Daily” Beef, posted 8/6/08).
Similarly, another blog notes that “Things [are] looking much murkier for Ronnie Musgrove in
the Beef Plant case” and proceeds to recite the grand jury testimony as well. See
https://www.yallpolitics.com (posted 8/7/08).

The testimony (both the question from the Grand Juror and the answer by TFG “consultant” Robin Williams) seemed to clearly indicate that TFG was receiving pressure from the unnamed “public official” to hold this fundraiser in Georgia for the unnamed “public official” . . . namely, Ronnie Musgrove.