New Hopkins’ Ad Further Documents Hood’s Unethical and Corrupt Conduct

Hood Cowers from the Truth with False ‘Logo Attack’

JACKSON, MS – Major General (R) Al Hopkins unveiled a new campaign ad that further documents Jim Hood’s unethical, and morally corrupt, practice of repeatedly rewarding his campaign contributors with state contracts.

In an effort to avoid answering the news media’s questions about whether or not he’s selling state contracts in return for campaign contributions, Hood responded with a false, and bizarre, attack on Hopkins’ campaign logo for infringing copyright law as it relates to the star on the Dallas Cowboys’ helmet.

In truth, the star in Hopkins logo is in honor of the fact that he began his service in the military as an enlisted man and worked his way up to Major General, which is denoted with two stars. The logo does not violate the Dallas Cowboys’ copyright or trademark.

After just 4 years in office, Hood has taken over $423,000 in campaign contributions from lawyers and law firms to whom he’s given state contracts. Hood, however, has steadfastly refused to answer the news media’s serious and legitimate questions about his motives behind the way he’s handed out at least 28 of 32 state contracts to his campaign contributors.

Although Hopkins stands behind the legality of his logo, he’s tweaked the image on his website in an effort to deny Hood the ability to hide behind the ‘red herring’ he’s created, and to help force Hood to answer the news media’s questions on the way in which he appears to be brazenly selling state contracts in exchange for campaign cash.

“Jim Hood’s continued attempt to smear my reputation, and service to our country and state, is an obvious attempt to hide the way in which he is brazenly selling state contracts in return for campaign cash,” Hopkins said. “This new ad fully documents Mr. Hood’s pattern of unethical, and morally corrupt, behavior in office.

“Public records prove that Jim Hood has given state contracts to his cronies that have given him over $423,000 in campaign cash. What Jim Hood has done is unethical, morally corrupt, and just plain wrong. And, it’s why Mississippians across the state are saying, ‘Jim Hood, you’re fired.'”

The ad can be found online at:

New Ad’s Script:

Jim Hood’s false attacks? Lies to hide the fact that – to his political buddies – Hood’s the slot machine that always pays.

Like the New York lawyer who gave him $15,000 dollars and got a state contract 93 days later.
(Documentation: Jim Hood’s Report of Receipts and Disbursements, Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2005; Jan. 31, 2006; Jim Hood, Retention Agreement, 2/16/06)

Or, five other lawyers who gave Hood $25,000. Hood’s given their New York firm five contracts.
(Documentation: Jim Hood’s Report of Receipts and Disbursements, Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2006; Jan. 31, 2007; Jim Hood, Retention Agreements, 11/12/05, 2/21/06, 2/21/06, 3/14/06, 5/17/06)

And Hood’s $100,000 dollar donor? He got the WorldCom deal that paid $14 million.
(Documentation: Mississippi Secretary of State Elections Division, Candidate’s Annual Report of Receipts and Disbursements, 2004-2007; Attorney General of the State of Mississippi, Retention Agreement, 9/29/04; Biloxi Sun Herald, 1/13/07)

Jim Hood, you’re busted and you’re fired.

Al Hopkins Campaign Release