New Miss. Republicans Tapped for Top Committees

Steven Palazzo says he supports the Republican effort to move forward quickly with a vote on repealing the new health law. One could happen as early as next week. Still, with a Democratic majority in the Senate and President Obama in the White House, Palazzo knows the repeal effort is largely symbolic

PALAZZO – “There is probably going to be a certain veto. We may not be able to overcome the veto. If this is the first step, let’s get that vote out of the way and then begin dismantling it piece by piece.”

A lawmaker’s work in Congress and his ability to represent constituents often depends on committee assignments. Palazzo’s:

PALAZZO – “Armed Services, Science and Technology, I could not have asked for better committees.”

Mississippi’s other new Congressman – Alan Nunnelee – was tapped to serve on the powerful Appropriations Committee. In the past, the panel was a place for lawmakers to funnel funding for special projects back home. Its mandate is now to cut spending.