New Orleans Saints fans should be ready for life without Deuce: Saints mailbag

Here’s today’s daily installment of the Saints Insider mailbag. There are several subjects on the agenda, among them Deuce McAllister’s future, Gregg Williams’ scheme, possible trade scenarios and Usama Young’s ability to move to safety.
I’ll answer more questions in a third installment tomorrow.

Now on to the Q&A:
Q: Jeff, at the end of the season, Deuce McAllister made some comments about the possibility of playing for another team next year. That caught my attention (if it were any other player, I wouldn’t have paid any mind). I feel like he will be playing for less money somewhere next year, so why not New Orleans? Do you think that Deuce feels slighted that was underutilized by Sean Peyton and wants to go elsewhere to get the respect he deserves? James Richard, Shreveport.