New Report Outlines Positive Impact of Nissan Plant in Mississippi

Nearly thirteen years to the day after Nissan announced that it would build a automotive plant in Mississippi, a newly released report outlines the positive impact the plant has had on the state. MPB’s Paul Boger reports

Move Mississippi Forward — a community-based organization dedicated to promoting positive economic development — released an independent report yesterday, celebrating Nissan’s first decade of operation in the state.

James Hull is the executive director.

“This organization is dedicated to help commission studies; like the one that you’ve seen here.” said Hull. “To make sure that the quality of life is going up. To make sure that wages are going up. We want to do anything we can to match up industries and communities with community based voices.”

According to the report, Nissan Canton has created more than 16,000 jobs in the area. Added an estimated $.5 billion to the state’s gross domestic product; and generated — on average — 180 million dollars in additional state and local taxes annually.