YallPolitics has received a look of a new poll of 300 likely voters conducted this week in the MS-01 contest (margin +-5.8%). The poll was commissioned by the Nunnelee camp with pollsters at Tarrance Group, that counts MS Governor Haley Barbour among its clients. According to their polling, Republican challenger Alan Nunnelee is being shown as having a +7 point advantage over incumbent Democrat Travis Childers. This is on the heels of a June 2010 head to head poll that showed Nunnelee +8 points over Childers. Both of these polling results lie in stark contrast to the Anzalone Listz poll conducted for Travis Childers shortly after Labor Day that showed him +5 over Nunnelee.

Like much of the country, as reflected in even the most recent primaries on Tuesday night, polling in this race indicates that Republican voter intensity is over 22 points higher than that of Democrat voter intensity (54/32%).

Those polled saying that incumbent Democrat Travis Childers deserves to be reelected was at 30%, with a 46% current job approval.

President Barack Obama is still very unpopular in MS-01 with a 56% disapproval rate.

We will have more on this in the coming days.

As disclosed on numerous occasions, the author has made a reportable financial contribution in this campaign cycle in this race.