Congressman Travis Childers’ (D-MS) first television advertisement for the November election hit cable networks throughout the First Congressional District today. The ad, entitled “I Stand,” highlights the Congressman’s record of working with both Democrats and Republicans in Congress to fight for the interests of North Mississippians, a promise he made during his special election campaign last spring.

The 30-second ad underscores the Congressman’s bipartisan efforts in the House of Representatives, including his work to secure funding for the G.I. Bill so veterans can better afford a college education, increase oil drilling and lower gas prices, and crackdown on illegal immigration.

Below is a transcript of Congressman Childers’ new ad:


I’m Travis Childers. When I ran for Congress, I said I would work with both parties, work on gas prices, and be independent

In Congress, I’ve worked with Democrats and Republicans to help veterans pay for college with the new G.I. bill, have more oil drilling and lower gas prices, and toughen immigration laws.

I even opposed my own party to reduce government spending.

And I’m pro-life and pro-gun.

I’m Travis Childers and I approve this message because I’ve done what I said I would do.

Since taking office in May, Congressman Childers has acted independently of national and special interest groups in Washington, D.C., using his North Mississippi values to guide his decision-making and focusing his legislative positions on what is best for Mississippi’s First District.
The Congressman has broken ranks with the Democratic Party several times in the past four months.

Prior to adjourning for the entire month of August, Congressman Childers wrote a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi strongly urging Congress not to adjourn without providing comprehensive legislation to address the skyrocketing price of gas. The Congressman voted twice against going on recess until Congress completed the business of the American people.

In June, the Congressman voted against the Democratic Budget Resolution because he believes Washington needs to start operating its budget just like average Americans do on a monthly basis. Excessive spending by the federal government has led the United States to accumulate a more than
$9.8 trillion dollar debt. Each American’s share of the debt now totals over $32,000. As a member of the conservative Democratic Blue Dog Coalition, Congressman Childers has strongly advocated for fiscal responsibility that respects the tax dollars every American puts into the Treasury.

Travis Childers Campaign Release